Property in Balchik, Real Estate Brokers & ten months on Facebook

When we first met by the social media team Bernd Bannasch, equally successful as down to earth real estate agent from Leonberg, almost a year ago, he had with Facebook and on our site does not care much. Since then he has built up an active network and it has succeeded on the company’s produce high interactivity – by vivid and authentic posts. As a social media Paul was a social media Saul, we asked him in an interview.

Taxi from Sofia to Balchik –

Hello Bernd, introduce yourself and your company before but times short. Since when are you active?

Since October 2012, Facebook – as a broker since 2007.

In which area you are active and how is the market in your area?

In the property in Balchik region.

The market is very Swabian, that is, possible without brokers and the focus is on saving money. 65 % is privately sold, 35 % through brokers (10% KSK, 10% of People’s Bank, 10% or now even a bit more about Bannasch, the rest shared by the other ).

The average age of the seller lies with us at 65 years – for comparison: Roland Kamp Meyer in the property in Balchik, it is 55 years. That is why we advertise a lot about the newspaper. However, we have found that in the 20 – km – radius 38,000 people are logged on sixty on Facebook (but also parts of Stuttgart are here but here, which is not my market )

Was the property in Balchik is your ” niche ” in which you are expert at what is special about BB property that makes you so successful?

Mir is the most important thing that I am authentic. With a plaid shirt in company colors, polo, jeans, with ruler for measuring – dressed I go to my clients. Open and honest and that comes across, which reflect my customers then.

Bring on the ideas of broker’s point of view!

YOU IS NOW Lab at is that many of the ideas of art and will not be developed by real estate professionals in the property in Balchik. This creates beautiful websites and apps that solve problems, which the author has as a residential or commercial space seeker.

Questions like “How can I find a cheap, guaranteed family-friendly dream home without hiring me with 100 competitors? ” Or “How can I be sure my apartment or garage sublet? ” Include Subject areas that certainly need a lot of great products and will produce, but are clearly intended from the standpoint of the seeker.

Only in rare cases is a professional real estate development, marketing or management team, which then partially caused the product ideas like the property in Balchik despite the originality additional concept effort. Moreover, just provide a professional much more frequently recurring problems and challenges that are needed to solve them creativity and market insight: Efficient marketing, CRM, acquisition, management, calculation, data and money flows, employee control, process optimization, accounting, etc., can in times of Dropbox Salesforce and Facebook are indeed becoming more sophisticated, more powerful and user-friendly thought.

Successful examples in other markets already exists, eg “Happy Inspector ” ( Property in Balchik / handover ), “Rent Lord ” ( Lease ), “door steps” or ” Reesio ” ( control and management of the buying process including online signatures and document management ) or lead generation and acquisition tools.

Products such as 42floors or storefront show specialization and optimization potential in niche markets or topics.

More B2B ideas for the brokerage industry! Where are the creative real estate professionals?

Real estate professionals looking for ideas! uses the framework of YouIsNow successful startups and new products around the property in Balchik. Among the applications are up now ( unfortunately) little B2B products. That’s why our appeal to all property experts who have long ideas in mind: You can quickly and easily apply for YouIsNow and get different types of support in order to realize his idea.

What is YouIsNow?

YOU IS NOW LabYouIsNow is the incubator of the Imobulgaria portals. This means that we in our own ” You Is Now” Lab in Berlin Andreas road along with startups, small external teams and individuals develop the products and business models of tomorrow. As of November 2013, there is also an Accelerator Program, attacks the young team for three months each under the arms. Why are we doing this? – has even started as a startup and then developed permanent market leader. Because we feel connected to the Startup spirit, we like to give the experience of the past 15 years on. Our aim is to find a way of promoting for every good team or any promising idea – whether through investment in the property in Balchik, integration, scope or consulting and coaching.

As the applicants come to us in the ” YouIsNow ” Lab?, RöslerJedes year we receive several hundred applications for product and business ideas in the real estate environment. Some arise directly on our creative events, eg the Startup Weekend or so-called hackathons where to meet over a weekend 30 to 50 creatives from all disciplines, to Sunday evening to develop a product and present at the end of the event, how far they have come.

Many other ideas submitted by individuals and small teams, they are developed in parallel with the study or profession, or even directly planned as a step towards independence and promoted accordingly.